grur 0.1.4 2020-10-21

  • Version bump because it updates numerous packages: tidyr, readr.
  • using future and carrier.
  • Switched to GitHub actions to run the R-CMD-check on the 3 OS instead of Travis CI and AppVeyor.
  • Further testing are required to highlight breaking change.

grur 0.1.3 2020-08-31

grur 0.1.2 2020-02-13

  • lots of works on simulate_rad and missing_distributions from Eric Archer.

grur 0.1.1 2019-05-01

  • pkgdown website
  • better function doc
  • vignettes
  • work on dependencies
  • work on travis CI

grur 0.1.0 2019-03-15

  • several commits will come with this in the next 2 weeks
  • missing_visualization: is getting an upgrade. Will work with GDS file/object.
  • grur_imputations: will be fully reviewed and updated to work with GDS.
  • radiator::genomic_converter: is now integrated at the end of the imputation module, instead of the later. This will reduce duplication codes for me, and help pass CRAN…
  • New documentations.
  • Several arguments are now deprecated or moved to the advance section. Read documentation.
  • new life cycle section in grur_imputations
  • Requirement to pass some test before imputations will be generated so that user with bad data don’t waist time with imputations!

grur 0.0.11 2018-07-09

  • grur ready for R 3.5.1 “Feather Spray” released on 2018/07/05
  • grur updated to work with ggplot2 v.3.0.0

grur 0.0.10 2018-04-26

grur's dependencies:

  • I transferred to Suggests section these packages: lightgbm, missRanger, randomForestSRC, ranger, rmarkdown, rmetasim, strataG, xgboost.
  • Functions thate requires specific package will now say so.
  • Reason: people only interested in missing_visualization don’t have to install all the required packages required for imputations or simulations.

simulate_rad: with the latest R release (3.5.0), Check now throw a new note: Note: next used in wrong context: no loop is visible at simulate_rad.R:189 I replaced next inside sapply with while.

grur 0.0.9 2017-10-27

  • lightGBM option to conduct the imputations is fully functional

grur 0.0.8 2017-10-24

  • worked on missing_visualization to get better output figures with large number of pop
  • worked on imputation algorithm to prep for the use of lightGBM package

grur 0.0.7 2017-10-02

worked on missing_visualization

  • added Eric Archer’s work on detecting patterns
  • figures are now combined under themes (e.g. all PCoA for the same strata are together, etc)

grur 0.0.6 2017-08-18

  • several typos fixed
  • work on missing_visualization

grur 0.0.5 2017-08-15

  • restored progress bar when using parallel computing by installing the new dev version of pbmcapply package.

grur 0.0.5 2017-08-15

  • restored progress bar when using parallel computing by installing the new dev version of pbmcapply package.

grur 0.0.4 2017-08-15

  • bug fix: removed the progress bar when using parallel computing. This is temporary, while waiting for a fix with pbmcapply package.

grur 0.0.3 2017-06-17

  • simulate_rad: a new function developed by Eric Archer to simulate populations of RADseq data following island or stepping stone models.
  • grur works with dplyr v.0.7.0

grur 0.0.2 2017-04-23

  • Work on generate_missing function.
  • Still not as I wish. But getting there.
  • 2 new functions: imputations_accuracy and memorize_missing. Check functions documentations for more info.

grur 0.0.1 2017-04-07

New package is out!